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S.V. Afterglow

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Wilmington is a cool city

There's a lot to do in Wilmington, and we tried to do it all. Allen wanted baby back ribs, so it was Hell's Kitchen Friday night followed...

Break Out Another Thousand

B.O.A.T. Many of us boaters know the acronym for "break out another thousand." For a while now, Allen has been a little concerned that...

A Tale of Two 'Villes

Reedville and Deltaville are two seaports along the Virginia Shore on the western side of the Chesapeake Bay. Reedville is very much a...


SKITTLES- Skittles are a metaphor for all the colorful lobster pots that completely dominate Maine waters. Sailing is hard enough with...

This is it

Why we come to Maine: where we are cooled by the mist and not sweltering in the late 80's and humidity. This is where. Where the stony...


A sailboat motors alone in the vast ocean as the sun sets. Our 32-hour trek to Rockland was sort of magical to us, speeding along at 6.5...

Pet Striped Bass?

FEEDING "PET" STRIPED BASS HOTDOGS AT AVERY POINT Tomorrow we will find our way on Long Island Sound again to head to Essex, Connecticut,...

Melville Joins the Crew

We met Melville at the Whaling Museum in Sag Harbor. After considering our offer overnight, he accepted our invitation to join our crew....

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