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Highway delights

After leaving San Antonio, we drove through desert, high desert and lots of different road attractions of stone like the one shown here. Arizona, as well as New Mexico roadways, are studded with amazing cacti and rock formations. Such stone beauty and colossal sandy hills and craggy mountain tops took my breath away and made the driving a great scenic trip.

Ann and Bob: Since we had decided suddenly, based on weather reports to trash Plan A through Utah and central Oregon, we now had an opportunity to stay with good family friend Ann Warman and her beau Bob who has been working with Ann on fixing up their new place. Pictured here, Ann and Bob relax with us with beer and wine in Bob's backyard in Goodyear, AZ just outside of Phoenix.

From here, we drove across mucho miles on 10 West to Los Angeles to visit with Granddaughter Emmy in Los Angeles who is pictured here working on her film editing projects.

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