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Boxed and Ready

Even though this is our 7th move, we are hoping it will be our last. This is the first time that we have had to pay out-of pocket for a move. With that in mind, Norma has been fretting for months about efficient and persistent packing. Efficient is another way of saying of trying to keep costs down. The original estimate, 6 months ago, from Colonial Van Lines included 100 boxes. When Norma finally counted the boxes, she and Allen had to go into overdrive to use BIG boxes: you know, put smaller boxes into larger ones. The 100 boxes Norma counted were only the ones on the first floor, The other 80 were upstairs or downstairs or in the garage. All this brought another headache—weight. AAHHHHHH.

Needless to say, moving on your own dime is a real pain. The Salvation Army came and took away some large items, a China cabinet, a dining room table and 4 chairs, and Norma scoured the house to find things not to pack up. The problem was that the original estimate was done in June, but the November 25th estimate was here and now, and a contract had to be signed. Yes, the price upped several $$$$, but at last it was truthful, and complete. Allen wonders how anything that has been packed for months now even needs to go to Seattle at all!

Living with these boxes has actually been okay (kinda). Even Ariel (the little green parakeet who adopted us) is adjusting well to the changes:

Norma cleared out all of the closets, cabinets, and empty shelves were cleaned, including the insides of the refrigerator and all 4 bathrooms. The clothes she wears to do this are all disposable—pants that once belonged to son Adam when he was 12. Adam is now 33 and really helping out at the home destination in Seattle—handling the move out of our long-time tenants and getting the place bugproof so Norma and Allen can start fresh in their 1926 Seattle home.

We are now living out of suitcases. One last laundry is planned whenever the movers tell us they are coming. They gave us a 3-day window, Nov. 28-30th. Thanksgiving was at son Todd’s in NJ. Dinner meals are no problem, both because Norma found a case of halibut and king salmon at the bottom when she was cleaning out the freezer and because friends and neighbors have had us over their houses or like last night taken us out to Benihana in Bethesda for a fabulous surprise gathering with our international dinner friends. Ah, that cranberry mojito hit the spot!

What is there to do, you ask? Well, now that both she and Allen have finally read the fine print on the moving contract, which tells us to keep important papers with us, not packed up, Norma has to unpack many boxes to find our birth and marriage certificates, etc. Now where did I put our passports? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! NG 1/27/2022

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Dhananjay Anand (DJ)
Dhananjay Anand (DJ)

Happy roadtrip!

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