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When the Universe tells you are making the right choice

Hi, it's Allen. As of 4 pm today, I am officially retired. Great last day and lots of nice compliments from colleagues and colleagues who have become friends. Norma's day was final cleanup and inspection by the property manager and after some deep clean got the all clear to vacate our house. It was a good rental, and we made even more great friends during our decade in MD.

A couple of days ago, I asked Norma what sights she would really like to see on our drive. After a moment's thought, she said, "Graceland". We didn't really know then which of three routes we would take to San Antonio, but the weather is looking good for the I-40 route through Tennessee, through Memphis then on to Little-Rock to pick up I-30.

So we hit the road today and headed south then west and made some good time. About 7:30 pm, we decided to pull out at the next exit, gas up and grab a bite. Generally we prefer local diners to chain places and what-do-you know, across from the station is... The Pink Cadillac Diner! Okay, now, how many of you know what is coming? Well, you might have looked closely at the next picture.

Amazing how the universe tells you that you are making a great choice. In 1976 I did some Navy Technical training at Millington, TN and have many great stories to tell from that time. One of them involved disco dancing on Beale Street in Memphis, but I never did get over to Graceland.

I'm writing this post from the Tru Hotel by Hilton at Radford, VA. About 9 hours from Memphis, so I'm thinking... Plan A... 9 hours drive to Memphis, find a hotel, and hit the Disco(s) on Beale St. Dance our A..s off then get up the next morning, half day at Graceland then hit the road.

Let's see how Plan A pans out...

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Congratulations, you will love this new life called retirement. stopped in Graceland many years ago. You might be surprised at how small the place is and the 1970 decor. I know I was. Enjoy your travels. What an adventure.


congrats on the retirement - I know you will both enjoy it. The road trip sounds wonderful. Never did get to Graceland but I will enjoy seeing your photos. Safe driving. See you both soon.

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