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Allen and I have been busy with friends and preparing the boat for our crossing the Gulf Stream to Bimini in the Bahamas. There’s been a lot to do, and most of it has been relaxing with our sailing friends, Lydia and Mike Horan, who live in the most beautiful apartment on the 26th floor of a fabulous high rise overlooking the beach in Hollywood, Florida. Lydia and Mike let us stay with them for several days, and we had fun dining, looking at the amazing views, and watching football! Allen made some wonderful “painkillers” to add to the merriment and excitement of the games.  (Painkillers are now his drink of choice!)

(In the picture above, ignore Norma's really short haircut; rather look at the view of the Atlantic past her shoulder while we pose on their balcony.)

 Over several days, we dined in and out, ate a huge volcano-sized plate of nachos at Margaritaville along the beach, danced to some reggae beach music, snacked on Lydia’s charcuterie appetizers, ate breakfast at the Bagel Cove and then enjoyed a really nice dinner at Olivia’s (one of Lydia’s favorite restaurants) with Mike and Lydia and her wonderful cousin Jay and his gal Robin.  Did we mention Football?! – yes it was the divisional playoffs and we had a great time watching with Lydia and Mike at their fabulous place.  (Go Ravens!) In the picture above, Lydia and Mike dance to the beat, and then we all posed in front of the huge broken sandal at Margaritaville.

Pictured above is Norma, Mike and Lydia at the bar inside their home. You can't see Allen but he is the bartender and picture taker.

Not only is cousin Jay a very, very experienced boatsman, but he is also a “card,” fast on the quips and jokes and really fun to be around. Allen learned so much about going to Bimini and preparing the boat safely that we really have to appreciate Jay and Robin’s experience and wisdom.  He joked about going with us, but in my heart, I wanted him to do so, but he’s a hard-working guy and Robin is his right hand.  She’s a beauty and a truly wonderful person. They let us stay tied up to their slip for more than a week and made us feel so welcome where they live in apartments by the ICW waters.  That Jay was head of their HOA really helped, and everyone here treated us very well. 

We rented a car and ran around several North Hollywood Beach and Fort Lauderdale sailing emporiums and two different West Marine stores to get more fuel and water containers and the EPIRBs needed for safety when we plan to cross through the Gulf Stream. Jay emphasized that we do it as safely as possible and Allen is listening well.

The biggest issue now is finding a good weather window so that the crossing will be as calm as possible. Norma is a bit trepidacious because of her 24-hour seasickness from Charleston, SC, outside Georgia, to St. Johns River, Florida. Hard to forget that, but at least we have an EPIRB and a PLB to notify the authorities in case of any issues. We expect none as Allen wants to cross when it is very good weather. Florida is having some humid, breezy weather, and as Allen and I looked outside of Lydia and Mike’s amazing views of the seas, and as we watched the winds blowing lively waves consistently along the beaches here in North Miami Beach, we know we both want a mild crossing for our first time out there.

So we wait….and have lots of fun in the meantime.

Last minute update. Ravens lost to KC but it looks like the better team is headed to the superbowl. Big thank you to Lydia and Mike who invited us back for the 2 championship games yesterday. We could not have found a better and more enthusiastic couple to enjoy the games with. This morning we found a good buddy boat to make the crossing with. They are down in Dinner Key so we are headed down there over the next couple of days. Stay tuned.



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AIS website was what I had tried to type....


Just checked the Ads website and see you all made it to the Bahamas. Looks like you got underway at something like 4 AM...!😮. Congratulations...

Respondendo a

Yes, we did make it to Bimini! Arrived at 2 pm.


Glad you received some good advice about the crossing and I hope the good weather holds for you. Enjoy!

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