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Three nights at Port Jeffeson, NY

We had a nice sail South from Stamford to Port Jefferson and made a right turn to go along the sand bar and back into Conscience Bay. The channel is narrow but the chart is accurate. The small bay has a few homes and docks around it and quite few mooring balls but enough room for us to set our anchor with 75 feet of rode. We immediately launched our kayaks and went paddling through a lovely salt marsh with swans, egrets, sandpipers, and a pair of American oystercatchers. There were lots of mussels all around and the occasional oyster to pick up. Later that night we had steamed mussels with linguini.

We had a very quiet night as there was no wind and no boats coming into or out of the bay. The next morning the tide was low and Allen went out paddling again. There were a group of single and double rowing shells out , and it looked like they were having a training session with their coach in a launch. Allen was able to dig up a few nice cherrystone clams.

Later that day, we went back out to the main bay and got a mooring ball over by the town. We got the water taxi and walked around. This town is a ferry port and lots of folks were coming in for the Memorial Day weekend. There are many shops and restaurants catering to tourists. We discovered that the local repertory company had a performance of "Something Rotten" and we resolved to go to the matinee on Sunday.

Sunday morning we visited the local farmers market and enjoyed the samples and bought a baguette, some Bloody Mary mix from a local canner, tomatoes that were so perfect and uniform that Allen claimed they were made on a 3-D printer, and asparagus. We also sampled many warned including some locally farmed oysters...yummy.

At 3 pm the show started and wow was it good. It is a musical farce about a rival of Shakespeare and the invention of musical theater. It was a pretty large ensemble on a fairly small stage but the music, singing and dancing were all top notch and very professional. Many of the jokes and puns were downright cringe-worthy but it was all part of the fun!

When we returned to the boat, we left the mooring and positioned ourselves near the harbor entrance in preparation for the next morning's sail across the sound. Destination Stratford CT on the Housatonic River in searh of the elusive propane refill. That is our next saga... stay tuned.

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