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Why we come to Maine: where we are cooled by the mist and not sweltering in the late 80's and humidity. This is where. Where the stony shores drop quickly into deep water and the anchorages have a ten foot tide range. Where finding a sample of sand is a mission and a celebration once a find is made.

This is how, how to live a life in which the stress is not a constant reminder of our mortality represented by an ache in our chest and a burning in our throat.

This is when. When Norma enjoys book after book, including "Hello Beautiful" which is the next book for her book club. While Allen writes a trilogy that has been inside him for decades.

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You bot look so much more relaxed with bright, happy faces. I would like to comment that those things in that jar look more like pebbles, than sand.... :-)

Replying to

We have taken to calling rocks "future sand."


This is what it’s all about. Enjoy.

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