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The Doldrums, and Then There's Cake!

As can be expected, fog and rain and overcast skies can diminish our desire to go sailing. What do we do instead? Well, in Mystic we visit family, celebrate birthdays, and eat, eat, eat way too much. Picture is a fabulous ice cream cake made by granddaughter Emmy’s mom, Jennifer. Doing that, we get the doldrums and basically need to get back to the boat and read, read, read.

Sorry for the short blog. Got a cute short haircut. Yesterday, got my nails done. Oh, to clean the boat! Allen is doing professional work—long meetings and yet he will have a paper published which is great news.

We are getting ready to head back to Sag Harbor and the Hamptons, then back to Mystic for July 3 and 4, Hope we can find space to drop the hook!



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