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Ready, Set, ...

I took this picture of Norma in her pink kayak last Sunday after a short paddle to Ego Alley. We enjoyed the neighboring marinas, interesting boat names and heard some good music outside the Bread and Butter Kitchen next to the Chart House Restaurant(now rebranded Chart House Prime!)

Today we changed our engine oil, oil filter and all three fuel filters. These are the last major tasks needed before our planned departure from AMCYC next week on May 1st. It sure feels great.

We plan to attend the Annapolis Sailboat Show on Friday, April 28th and go to some of the free seminars. Join us if you can! Saturday and Sunday should be fairly relaxed, though there may be a couple of last minute items of which to take care. On Monday, the 1st, we plan to haul out at Liberty Marina on the South River in Edgewater , for two nights to clean the bottom (and that darn speed meter impeller), check zincs and some light fiberglass work--i.e. the infamous crack from our last blog post!

From there, we are still not quite sure. The 10-day forecast is showing possibly unsettled weather, but that can change. We will post again when we have a better idea if we will go up to Chesterton on the 3rd and 4th, somewhere else in the Bay or start making our way up to the C&D Canal. (To our local boating friends, we are open to suggestion.)

If you are around Annapolis over the next 10 days, let us know, and maybe we can have a visit. Just be aware that we do not have a car. Walking to the store or to downtown Annapolis daily has been a great time!

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