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NASSAU WAS NICE--the Green Parrot

Allen and I honeymooned in Nassau, actually Paradise Island, 36 years ago, and this was a very different place from then (and we were very different people, at least our bodies were.)

Allen ordered a wonderful drink--called Sex in the Backyard and I ordered a Parrot Crush with more mango than I have ever seen in a drink. Both drinks were amazing. Allen had a craving for meat so he ordered a Greek hamburger, but I "won" lunch with a conch po'boy. Scrumptious is the only word to fit here, absolutely delicious. Later that night we danced to a live reggae band with touches of Jamaican rap.

The only other meals of note we had out after provisioning was a shared dish of grouper stew with johnny cake bread to dip into the gravy at a skipper's choice local eatery (fabulous) and more parrot crushes at the Green Parrot.

Nassau was a nice visit in all!

We did some snorkeling at Rose Island and really enjoyed our first dip into Bahamainian waters. We are looking forward to much more when we get to the Exuma Islands.

After snorkeling, we had a bumpy night near the reefs so decided to shelter back by Nassau for a few nights and do some more provisioning with our friends Randall and Suzanne. Norma took a moment to give Allen a bit of a haircut. See if you can tell which one is us and which is Earnest and Pauline Hemingway. Both shots were taken in the Bahamas.

Tomorrow we head for Allan's Cay, our first destination in the Exuma Islands. There is supposed to be really good snorkling there. We can hardly wait.

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I'm so happy to see that you are having a fabulous time - you bith deserve it.😍

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