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Allen sits in with "The Electric Mermaid", Pauline Alotti, at the High Tide Bar

Our boat Afterglow rocks, really rocks, not only from the wind and waves from passing wakes of dinghies and boats all around us, but from music!  Allen has taught himself the harmonica using an online course at with Luke and other artists and instructors. He plays almost every day, for hours, and having a meal with him is listening to background solos of great mouth harp players.


Right now, he is rehearsing for playing with Pauline, The Electric Mermaid, who worked in the Solar Power industry until moving on her ALL ELECTRIC sailboat Electra. She now plays guitar and sings at restaurants and events like weddings, etc.  Allen was invited to play with her when we were at a restaurant called High Tide at Black Point, Bahamas.                              


At Black Pointe Cay, Lorraine's High Tide is a happening place. A quick look at their killer drink menu and very reasonable and tasty happy hour menu allows cruisers like us to enjoy and have some fun.  I can’t wait to try the drink called “Sex with the Captain!”        

The first time we went there (two days ago), we were greeted by 5 nurse sharks and a spotted eagle ray at the shore. One shark was large and spotted, and the others were smaller and all gray.  It was a real treat, and when we got our laundry done, we also retained another new crew member. Black Pointe has become one of our favorite places, and Allen really likes the vibes with the happy hours and live music venues, the great morning net (radio) announcements, and the friendly people.  There is a real community of boaters here. Known for its fantastic laundry (18 machines kept in working order), the laundry is said to be the best in the Bahamas and has the best view of any laundromat in the world! Black Pointe offers free water—good clean water and garbage disposal for a donation. Pay what you like. Very cruiser friendly.  Good snorkeling sites and iguana beach and a big Seven Seas Cruising Association (SSCA) social event coming up next week. Pauline, the Electric Mermaid, and Allen are working together on several songs.

Of course being greeted by sharks again, we had, we just HAD to get a new crew member!

Our new crew member is named Bahama Betty.  She is pretty in pink, and she was recently introduced to the rest of the crew. At first, they were very tentative, naturally, of course, a shark is a predator, but as a nurse shark and her bewitching eyes, she made friends right away.  She and other crew members joined in to either play or listen to the other crew also learning to play the mouth harp. Shelley, with her two strong claws, really took to it!  Music on the boat is everywhere.


Lunch Break at Black Point

Island life on these Exuma Cays looks like this. In our boat, however, the screen windows really help to keep out the flies and bring in fresh air which is sorely needed in the humidity and heat. Allen loves this life, and Norma is eager to go home and start her garden!  She enjoys snorkeling the most, and conch salad and conch burgers are her favorite food now! (Allen: I thought we were CONCHservationists now?)

We have decided to hang out here for another full week at least. We like the boating community here, are looking forward to the big SSCA social event and Allen is looking forward to playing Harmonica at a few of the events. More to come from Black Point!




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