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Melville Joins the Crew

We met Melville at the Whaling Museum in Sag Harbor. After considering our offer overnight, he accepted our invitation to join our crew. If you have not been introduced to the other members, let us introduce you now:

Alfie and Chloe, the Puffin couple, are original members. They came to us from the National Aquarium in Baltimore, joining us in 2012 when we first acquired Afterglow.

Ray joined us in 2015 when we were visiting the Mystic Aquarium during our first big blue-water cruise. If you have been to the Mystic Aquarium, you will know about the touch tank where you can pet the cow-nosed rays. Even though people are not feeding them, they love to come up to your hand and brush along it.

Duke the lion was a surprise last March. We were walking along Duke of Gloucester Street in Annapolis when we came upon him lying on the sidewalk. We looked for his family, but it appeared to us that he had been lost for a while as he really needed a good bath. He has been a stalwart member of his crew and adapted to life at sea quite well. He loves to roll down the pillow hills of his home.

We all welcome Melville and are certain that he will fit in nicely. This whale should easily get accustomed to the rolling waves.

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