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Killer Instinct of the Bug Witch

In North Carolina, I became a killer on this ICW voyage—an exterminator of mostly flies. Each day I both swat at those pesty demons and sometimes catch them in my hardware store purchases such as a hanging basket of sweet goop ($10.00) that is supposed to but has not yet snared an insect, sticky clear window tape ($7.00) that has caught (to this moment) 22 gnats and 7 flies. (Ugh, the window is so ugly to behold!)

I even purchased two electronic zappers of which only Allen has had limited success in zapping flies. (It actually just stuns them, then I need to find where they have fallen and squash them- Allen) For some reason, it I can't seem the hit the flies with the zapper; my limited patience and temper tantrum vibes most appreciate the deadly effectiveness of a damn good swat with my trusty plastic wand ($1.00). With a score of 18 flies in one swatting afternoon, I am the Bug Witch! (Not pictured—too busy swatting flies!) Sincerely, Norma

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